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call centers
CARE Presentation
Part 1 - Introduction

Part 1
A history of call reassurance and the 1st generation systems shows the benefits of automated phone reassurance.
Next Generation System
Part 2
Using state of the art hardware, CARE offers a wide array of advantages over earlier modem based solutions.
Software Functionality
Part 3
The CARE software provides many unique features, allowing for a flexible solution to meet each subscriber's needs.
Funding Ideas
Part 4
A variety of government grants and sponsership opportunites can assist in funding the purchase of a CARE system.
Part Selection

Senior Calling Demo & IMOK
Part 5
Watch a brief demonstration of how the CARE call reassurance system works in a common real-world scenario.
Latchkey Children
& House Arrest

Part 6
Call reassurance technology works well for seniors, but it can also be applied to many other community needs.
System Administrator
& Emergency Mass Calls

Part 7
The system adminstrator has access to variety of tools in the CARE system, including the ability to send out mass emergency phone calls.
Care Summary
& About DSC

Part 8
The many strengths of the CARE system and of Database Systems Corp make it the right solution for your community.